Hello World

So, here goes. Welcome to my blog. A glimpse into life…a mish mash musing of anything and everything.  It’s mostly inspired by my enjoyment of making baby food, so that is where I will start…sharing my experience in mish-mashing foods in hopes to give mamas inspiration to make food for their babies….and then, in between and thereon, I will sprinkle other musings…


Well, hello world! Yes, the perfect way to start my first post.  As I write, my sister-in-law is being induced, about to bring into the world my new niece.  Maybe today this new life will say ‘hello world.’  (And, PS, I’m bursting at the seems to meet her!)

And, so, I start my blog today…a seed planted long ago that’s just had the chance to sprout, to sprout a blog about being a mom, about making baby food, changing diapers, seeing the world through a 3-year-old’s eyes (“I’m a good Kleenex-er, Mommy!!!”), and reflecting on my world (“I’m a good juggler!”….because as a mom, there’s more to it than meets the eye…

waking up three times at night to cuddle and soothe the 7-month-old who’s discovered how to roll on his back

making the most amazing breakfast of yogurt topped with flaxseeds, granola, and a meticulously-drawn picture of Snoopy out of molasses

remembering to wash the cloth diapers ’cause we’re almost out and they need time to line-dry

reading 3 books, each four times

entertaining baby with something new–“hmm…how about measuring spoons, those make noise”–

making lunch

taking a bike ride around the block that takes 45 minutes because 3-year-olds love to talk 🙂

singing baby to sleep then cuddling under a blanket to read 3 more books before naptime

falling asleep in 3-year-old’s room and not getting any dishes or cleaning done

welcoming hubby home (thankfully he’s making dinner)

sitting outside with baby to watch the leaves rustle in the wind

having a ‘mauvelous’ tea party with 3-year-old scrunched into a spacious play castle but not so spacious for 3-year-old plus mommy plus baby

getting baths ready, dressing for bed, nursing baby, reading books, telling made-up stories that are so silly the 3-year-old is dying to hear them every night, singing and singing some more

walking downstairs to find work waiting and just wanting to curl up on the couch…

this is truly the life!  A juggling act, but beautiful. a beautiful mish mash of everything and the musing in between.



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