First Solid Food!

My journey:  Nursing is wonderful.  I nursed my daughter til she was 18 months old.  My son is 8 months old right now and I will continue nursing him as long…(I’m thinking he may not last that long…he is a flighty eater, on-and-off, on-and-off…he’d rather see what’s going on around him.  We nurse away from everybody and everything a lot).

All that to say, I also solely nurse my babies til seven months old.  That’s when I introduce solids.  I want their gut to be mature enough. (Check out the chapter on ‘Gut Ecology’ in “Infant Nutrition.”)  PS–I don’t put my babies in swimming pools until at least after they are a year old.  Chlorine can wreak havoc on their guts.  I want the best possible start for them.  Our immunity is in the health of our intestines.  Eventually, they can handle it, but I’m of the mind to keep my kids away from chemicals (in the pool, at home, wherever…as long as possible).

SO, where to start? Solids.  There’s so many foods to choose from.  In “Infant Nutrition” it’s recommended to start with fruits. Fruits are easily digested and are sweet like breast milk.   I started both of my babies on PEARS.

It just so happens that my son is starting his eating journey at the end of summer and around harvest time.  Couldn’t be more perfect!  I’ve been making a freezing tons of food!

I bought a case of pears.  I didn’t buy organic because I’ve read that pears are not a “Dirty Dozen” food.  Still, I soak and scrub the heck out of them to get residues and dirts off.

Because I had so many pears, I chopped and blended about 95% of them and froze in my baby food freezer trays.

The other 5% I PEELED for baby’s VERY FIRST food.

Pears steamed lightly. (Why steam? for baby’s very first food makes it more digestible…just remember “lightly”…they don’t need to be cooked to death).

Steamed lightly, they blend into the most beautiful, creamy-white pear sauce.

(Blended pears with skins still on, turn brown very quickly.  Keep the skins on, perfect for fiber!)

And…because I had so many pears, I blended them all up and kept them in a bowl.  I only have four freezer trays.  See how it’s turning brown, it’s ok.  Kinda grossed me out when I was making them for my daughter. It gets a think layer of brown but I stir the bowl each time I fill up my freezer trays.


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