Mish Mash Beginnings

Mish mash…making baby food.  Here are a few things to be prepared with: reference books, a blender (preferably a powerful one), freezer trays, a jug of purified water, gallon freezer bags, time, and perseverance.

Growing up, my mom sought the healthiest way to raise her children. She passed on a legacy of natural, healthy living. I don’t claim to be totally organic, but I strive to make the best decisions I can for the health of my family.  We are the healthiest we’ve ever been by not eating wheat/gluten.  We only occasionally eat cow dairy, and  recently, we stopped eating corn.  My own GF (gluten-free) journey could be a blog in itself.  So, with a glimpse into my background, in enters this book: “Infant Nutrition.”Image  It fits into my approach to feeding myself and raising my children.  I used it with my daughter and now with my son.  I highly recommend it.  The reading is eye-opening.  Find it on Amazon: author Mark Percival.

Another EXCELLENT resource is “Super Baby Food” by Ruth Yaron.  I reference it a ton: an alphabetized section of fruits and veggies succinctly outlines the best age to introduce, how to prepare, and how to store each food choice.  Here’s a link to her website: http://www.superbabyfood.com/

Blender: I use a VitaMix.  Well-worth the investment.  Whatever you use, remember this: blend the food to death to puree (just don’t overheat your machine).

Freezer trays: any ice cube tray will work.  Here’s what I use and love                                                              (LTray: KidCo. RTray: Beaba, which are SO easy to get the food out of)  ImageImage

Jug of purified water: I have a 3 gallon jug.  Vitamin Cottage is an easy place to fill it up.  Purified water like this assures me it will be the purest and best for baby’s tummy.  You will be adding water to some foods to thin them out, especially at the beginning of baby’s adventure learning to eat.  Also, your baby will need to start learning to take just a few sips of water after eating.

Gallon freezer bags: Ziploc is great for reusing…you’re gonna be freezing a boatload of food.

Time: you might be making food while baby is napping, prepping during dinner prep, finishing after dinner (or like me this morning, making prunes at 6 am cause, well, I couldn’t go back to sleep…)

Perseverance: making baby food is fairly easy…just stick to it.  You will be blending a lot of food, cleaning a lot of messes, but it’s well-worth the effort. Just think, you’re saving money and investing in your baby’s future.


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