Taking a Break…from mangoes to prunes

Each food introduced to my baby goes on a four day rotation…a must.  Then we can test for reactions and any possible allergies.  Over the past three weeks I have introduced avocado, mango, peaches, sweet potato, and bananas.

Baby was more interested in eating the bowl or spoon rather than the food.

Then a bout of constipation…bananas were the culprit.  (My daughter never had any problem of this sort..so this was new.  I backed off for a couple days and solely nursed.  He didn’t seem to miss food.  And we’re still nursing often enough to meet all of his caloric needs.)

Other foods introduced before the bananas…

Peaches were too sour (when I baked them in an inch of water, the skins didn’t come off as they were supposed to…the skins attributed to the sour.  I didn’t mind blending the skins in because I had bought organic).

Avocados.  I smashed them with a fork and added a bit of water.  Organic didn’t have much flavor.  My baby boy didn’t care much for them…it may have also been the texture.

Mangoes…baby spit these up and was restless during his morning nap.  I did not attempt to try these past the first try.  [“Infant Nutrition” states mangoes are a good choice for a first food, but another site I read and referenced often with my daughter (http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/mangobabyfoodrecipes.htm) states mangoes can be allergenic.  SO, of course, I read this after his spit up. Immediately, I decided against mangoes for awhile.]

Sweet potatoes…he showed the most interest in eating these.  However, my mistake: I didn’t thin them with enough water.  Therefore, another constipation culprit.  (Lesson here: each baby is different.  My daughter ate them on the thicker side, and like I said before, she never had any problems.)

I have fed my baby boy almost the same as I did my daughter thinking it would go just the same.  I’ve learned over these past couple weeks that, even as children’s personalities are different, their tummies are different too.  I’m sure this will be true for many things as my children grow.  Being in tune with my babies…being willing to change, but most importantly being flexible and forgiving of myself is key.  I don’t think I’d consider these hiccups in feeding my baby boy as mistakes…just a lesson in figuring out what’s best, researching, trusting myself, praying for wisdom…trusting that I’ve done the best I can.  With my baby boy, I had to realize this journey wouldn’t be similar to my daughter’s.   And that’s exactly what it is: a journey.

Therefore, after a break, we picked up with foods again with…a gift from God for the young and old…PRUNES (featured in my next post…)


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