Making Baby Food Prunes

Since baby has been constipated, I’ve stuck to a rotation of sweet potatoes (thinned with water), pears, and prunes.  We’ve stayed away from bananas for awhile and occasionally done avocado.  Every day, I give him prune juice with two meals, usually breakfast and lunch (keep those bowels movin’!).  Sometimes I mix it in his food (sweet potatoes with prune juice is quite tasty) or I just feed him a bottle with it (I bought organic prune juice…there’s no added sugar).

When you make your own baby-food prunes, I have learned one VERY important tip!  Cut open each prune to look for any pits…the pitting machines don’t always get them out!!! When making prunes for my daughter, I ruined at least two batches of prunes because of a pit…the blender starts whirring away and clunkity, clunkity, clunk…little pieces of pit blended in the prunes…not for baby! or anybody for that matter.

So, I got smart…


Here I am slicing each prune in half.  Took about 30 seconds to do a whole bag of prunes (I buy them at Vitamin Cottage…)

I am SO glad I did this.  Look what I found!  Half of a pit.


I steam the prunes first.  Use purified water because you will need this later.


Blend everything in your blender.  Prunes are sticky and thick, so use as much of the water as you need to from the pan you just steamed in.  The hot temperature of the water helps the prunes to blend as well as thin them a little so it isn’t like blending thick mud.




Prunes look like, well…you know.  At least they accomplish the job they were created to do.

I freeze my prunes.  However, they are an odd fruit and don’t freeze well.  I think it’s the lack of water in them.  I still freeze them.  Even though you will find them turning into a big mush in your freezer bag, the process of freezing gave them some form, then I just take a spoon and scoop out what I need to warm up for baby. (Stay tuned…my next two posts will feature how I warm up baby food, and then how I made apples this time, which was a blast!)


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