Attitude- Parent Style

Parenting is an adventure. Life is an adventure.  Parenting and life come down to attitude. To me, every situation is about attitude.

I had a revelation today…. after dealing with a tough discipline issue with my daughter, I found myself thinking, “How can I help her?”

I want to help her, I want to help myself to help her, I want to help her so she can be the best she can be.

My revelation? How I respond comes down to an attitude of helping vs. an attitude of “deal with it.”  I realized if I just wanted to “deal with” this phase/her intense emotions etc., then to decide to just “deal” is to choose to “survive” until it passes.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to just “survive.” I want my husband and I to find the best tools for ourselves so we can impart to our children what they need for life.  Thriving, having energy (as much as possible), and being content come from being proactive, finding solutions not band-aids.  Its about having an attitude of endurance and purpose.  It’s about praying and seeking wisdom.

Am I perfect?  FAR from it! But I was glad my attitude showed the resolve to make things better for all involved.  Have I cried? Yes.  Have I felt utterly mortified at my daughter’s meltdown over being pushed with one hand on the swing instead of two (because I was holding my son in the other) making every adult and child stop and stare at us for what felt like 5 minutes? Yes. Have I yelled when I wanted to be that mom that stays calm-and-collected no matter what? Yes.  Despite all the feelings involved, all the bumps in the road, and all of the hiccups…I still get up.  I have to.  For my kids.  For our family.  That is the attitude I choose.  An attitude of thriving, not just surviving.


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