How to REALLY love my children?

Yes, I just read a book entitled “How To Really Love Your Child.”

But, I already love my children so much…so much that there’s not even words for the love I feel in my heart.  I couldn’t possibly need to read a book like that.

This book was one of the best reminders I could have ever read.  I love my children, and this helped me focus on what truly matters.

Here’s a book review I just wrote for the newsletter at the school I teach at:

“Never have I read a more influential book about parenting: “How to Really Love Your Child.” The majority of the book explains the basic premise of loving our children, which includes giving eye contact, physical contact, and focused attention.  These actions fill the emotional tanks of our children.  When our children’s emotional tanks are full, we have built a solid foundation for other areas of child rearing, such as discipline.  “The first fact parents must understand in order to have a well-disciplined child is that making a child feel loved is the first and most important part of good discipline. Of course, this is not all there is, but it is most important,” explains the author, D. Ross Campell. Discipline is training our children to become well-rounded people, and discipline is not just punishment (which is really only a tiny, tiny fraction of discipline). As a busy mom of two young children, I was graciously reminded to be purposeful and consistent in filling my children’s emotional tanks, especially in the midst of very busy days.  As a result of filling their emotional tanks, disciplining (training) my children, has been enjoyable. The book wraps up with the importance of spiritually training and teaching our children and how this builds upon filling the emotional tanks. Please read the book to find out why; the investment in your children is well worth it.  It would be a fantastic read for parents with children of any age.”


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