Add Those Veggies!–More Uses for Baby Food Puree

My son has moved past the stage of eating solely pureed food. Now…what to do with all that frozen food I’ve made?

Here’s some uses I’ve discovered:

Carrot puree–all those frozen pureed carrots are great to add extra veggies to lunches and dinners.  Just the other night we had leftover pulled pork and I thawed two carrot cubes and a green bean cube, stirred them into the pork, and added a bit of BBQ sauce.  Easy way to add veggies (especially since carrots are one of the few veggies my daughter doesn’t like.)

Butternut squash puree- I make butternut squash risotto at least every other week during the fall and winter.  I was addicted to it when I was pregnant with my son.  It’s SO yummy!  I discovered that I could stir in a couple butternut squash cubes during the middle of the cooking, and it gave it an even richer taste.

Sweet potato puree- believe it or not, stirring a cube into your oatmeal is delicious!  Add some maple syrup and cinnamon and then it’s divine.

Broccoli puree- pretty tasty added to a hot bowl of clam chowder or creamy potato soup.  Gives it that creamy broccoli taste.

Pea puree- I’ve been known to add it to left over risotto for some added protein.

Not to forget all that fruit I’ve made and stored in the freezer.  Here’s some other uses:

Prune Pudding-put two cubes in a bowl for “prune pudding.” Both of my kiddos LOVE this treat.  It thaws very quickly, and it’s a nice cold snack on hot days.  I like this one too!

Mangoes, strawberries, apples, pears, etc.- perfect for making smoothies.

The possibilities are really endless. Please share any ideas you have!   I plan to continue making pureed food with leftover fruits and veggies so I always have them on hand to add to meals.



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